Kate Hudson Named New Ambassador For WeightWatchers

Some mixed reviews when it was revealed that Kate Hudson has been named WeightWatchers’ new ambassador. She has set a goal of losing 25 pounds before she starts work on a new movie in the spring and teamed up with Weight Watchers to help. (She had a baby a couple months ago). She shared this video of a call she had with Oprah not long ago, to help share the news that she was a new WW ambassador.

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Health and wellness is my number one and I always say that what works for me doesn’t work for everyone. I believe that we need to celebrate diversity in how each individual wants to celebrate their bodies. We aren’t all going to enjoy the same work outs, outdoor activities, foods etc. I’ve become an Ambassador for the WW family because it is the perfect community for people to live healthy their own way and I love sharing this knowledge with you all! This is not a community for people who just want to lose weight, although leading a healthy lifestyle lends itself to such, this is a community about supporting each other through a life long journey of wellness. I’m so happy to share this with everyone and I have to say, having @oprah on my call list was a dream come true! Love you O ? #WwAmbassador #ad #WellnessThatWorks @ww

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As mentioned, the reactions are mixed…




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