Kathleen Wynne Testifies Before Committee Investigating Liberal Accounting Practices

Former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne insists her government did not try to obscure the full financial impact of cutting hydro rates by taking on billions in debt, saying the accounting practices used and their effect on the province’s books were no secret. Wynne’s comments yesterday came as she testified at a committee tasked with investigating her government’s financial practices, which the current Tory government says left the province with a $15 billion-dollar deficit. It’s a figure far higher than the Liberals’ projected 6.7-billion-dollar deficit for 2018-2019. Wynne acknowledged that the Liberals were trying to balance the budget as they brought in the Fair Hydro Plan in 2017, but said their main objective was to help people struggling to pay their bills.

The Canadian Press

Photo Credit: The Canadian Press

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox