Labour Shortages Are Real In Canada

Labour Shortages Are Real In Canada

A new report suggest Canada’s labour shortage is not going away any time soon. The report from the Business Development Bank of Canada says 64 per cent of Canadian businesses note labour shortages are limiting their growth. But the report says the pandemic didn’t create the labour shortage, it only made an existing situation worse. Canada’s aging population means more workers are retiring and there are fewer young workers to take their places.

The report also suggests that CERB and other government assistance programs aren’t the main reason some sectors are struggling to rehire in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions. It says 20 per cent of workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic started working in a whole new field. That makes it less likely they’ll ever return to their old line of work. The BDC report says employers who want to attract and retain workers should look at offering perks like benefits, training, flexible hours, and work-from-home privileges.

The Canadian Press

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