Leonardo DiCaprio Hailed ‘Hero’ For Diverting Boat To Rescue Man Who Fell Off A Cruise Ship

Leonardo DiCaprio just quietly rescued a man that fell off a cruise ship and saved his life. The story goes: He was partying on a boat near St. Barts with his girlfriend when he got word there was a search on for someone who fell off a cruise ship. The man that fell was a 24-year-old from France. He decided to aid in the search and diverted his own boat to help. After a while of searching, Leo’s boat was the first on scene where the guy where treading water for 11 hours! Reports say the guy was an employee on a Club Med ship, but he got too drunk and fell overboard.

I know what you are thinking… Leo had room on that boat, unlike Kate Winslet and the damn door.

Story: E!
Photo: Instagram 

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