Are The Liberals And NDP Going To Jump Into Bed Together?

Premier Kathleen Wynne and NDP leader Andrea Horwath are non-committal on the idea of forming a joint Liberal-NDP government if the Progressive Conservatives only win a minority in the June 7th election. Horwath said yesterday that it’s too early to make any definitive decisions. Wynne echoed that sentiment, noting that it’s only the fifth day of the campaign.

Their comments come as the New Democrats are gaining traction in the polls, with some suggesting Horwath is the top challenger to Doug Ford’s poll-leading Tories. An election poll from Mainstreet Research suggests the NDP have become the second most popular party with 28.4 per cent of support. The Conservatives remain the most popular, with 42.3 per cent. The NDP’s rise in popularity came at the expense of the incumbent Liberals, who currently only have 22.1 per cent of support.

The poll was conducted on May 11th and has a margin of 1.95 per cent, accurate 19 out of 20 times.

Photo Credit: City News / Rogers via YouTube screenshot

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox