Lightning Strike Causes Family’s Toilet To Explode

Here is a great reason to not use your toilet during a thunderstorm. A lightning strike on a Florida home’s septic tank had an unexpected result — the toilet exploded inside the home.  Marylou Ward, co-owner of the Port Charlotte home, said there was a loud boom Sunday when lightning struck the home’s septic tank and caused a toilet inside the house to shatter.  “We come in here and the toilet was laying on the floor,” Ward said.  “There’s all pieces everywhere. Pieces everywhere.”  She said the strike ruined the home’s indoor plumbing and destroyed the septic tank. She said her family was lucky no one was using the toilet at the time of the lightning.  A plumber who examined the damage explained the lightning must have ignited the methane gas inside the septic tank, causing the explosion.  “I already sent a picture out to my kids and said don’t do it! Here’s the proof of why you shouldn’t go near the bathrooms in a thunderstorm,” Ward said.

Photo Credit: NBC-2 Florida

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan