Man Ordered To Pay Spousal Support Even Though He Never Lived With Her And They Had No Kids

Ontario’s top court has upheld a lower court ruling ordering a Toronto businessman to pay spousal support to his ex even though they never lived together. To be considered spouses, the law requires three years of cohabitation. In this case, the Ontario Court of Appeal says the two were spouses because they did share a roof on vacations, and acted as a couple during their 14-year relationship. It did change the original ruling ordering the man to pay $53,000 dollars a month indefinitely — limiting the payments to 10 years.

Throughout their relationship, the two kept separate bank accounts and never owned property in common. Nevertheless, Latner gave Climans thousands of dollars every month, a credit card, paid off her mortgage and showered her with expensive gifts. He provided her and her children with a “lavish lifestyle,” the court found. When their 14-year relationship finally broke down in May 2015, Climans asked the courts to recognize her as Latner’s spouse and order him to pay her support. He argued she had been a travel companion and girlfriend, nothing more. As such, he said, they were never legally spouses and he owed no support. An eight-day trial ensued. – Global News

Story: The Canadian Press and Global News

Photo Credit: The Ontario Court of Justice


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan