Margot Robbie Cast As Sharon Tate, Reuniting With Leo DiCaprio In New Tarantino Flick


Margot Robbie with reunite with Leonardo DiCaprio on the big screen for this Quentin Tarantino flick. This is the one that also stars Brad Pitt. It will be nominated for many Oscars. Mark my words. Margot will play Sharon Tate in the film. The gorgeous actress that fell victim to the Manson Family. She was brutally murdered while 8 months pregnant. Leo plays former Western television star Rick Dalton, Tate’s next door neighbour. Brad Pitt signed on to play Dalton’s stunt double, Cliff Booth. For those curious, Sharon’s sister is not a fan of the whole thing.

Image of Robbie: Eva Rinaldi
Image of Leo: Wiki

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox