The Mayor Of Stratford Has A Few Reasons Justin Should Get Married There

The mayor of Stratford is hoping… praying… that Justin Bieber has his wedding in the town. He told TMZ he has a few tricks up his sleeve to try to get him there. Curious?

Dan Mathieson says these are the reasons Justin should do it:

– Free tickets to Justin’s favourite local hockey team for both Justin and his bride-to-be Hailey Baldwin to the Stratford Warriors games (he has it tattooed on him.)

– If they opt for a summer affair, he’ll guarantee Bieber a spot in the town’s annual Summer Music festival

-All guests at the wedding would get discounted admission to Justin Bieber’s exhibit, “Steps to Stardom,” at the Stratford Perth Museum.

-Stuff aside he is promising privacy — as they always do.

Image: Justin/Instagram
Story: TMZ

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox