Meteor Lights Up The Sky Above Costa Rica Before It Smashes Through A Roof

Incredible footage captures the moment a meteorite lights up the night sky above Costa Rica before breaking up in Earth’s atmosphere.   Experts claim a fragment of the rock, which tore through a homeowner’s roof, was a fragment of the meteorite and is an estimated 4,560 million years old.    A study by the Central American School of Geology of the University of Costa Rica say that it is a chondritic stone meteorite made of silicon, iron and magnesium.  Although the team said that further study is needed to confirm their findings, they claim the rock came from space.  On April 23, at 9:09 p.m. local time, residents reported a large fireball zooming over them over San Carlos.  Others reported loud banging sounds and feeling rumblings as they sat in their homes.  One woman claims that a rock tore through her roof in the back of her home in Aguas Zarcas and says she found a warm rock on the floor.  The rock weighed around 2.4 pounds and was analyzed in the house where it fell, with the help of specialized equipment from the Petrography and Geochemistry Section of the School of Geology.   According to a report in Meteor Shower Tonight, a Costa Rican website, a cosmochemist says he will analyze the chemical composition of the rock to determine where the rock comes from.  But he seems to be under the impression that it is in fact a meteor.

Photo Credits: Electroverse via Twitter

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan