Michael Corleone’s House From The Godfather Is For Sale

In Staten Island’s affluent ‘Todt Hill’ neighborhood stands a stately Tudor that looks like something out of a movie. And just steps from the front gate, small-time crook Carlo Rizzi was whacked by a member of the Corleone crime family.  The 120 Longfellow Ave. residence, which served as the home of Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) in the 1972 film “The Godfather,” is now for sale.  Asking price for the four-bedroom property: $1.37 million, a pretty penny more than “The Turk” requested from Don Corleone.  Reports say many potential buyers are already lining up for showings.  Gianni Russo, who played Rizzi in the Oscar-winning movie directed by Francis Ford Coppola, well remembers “dying” in front of the home.  His character is garroted in the front seat of a car, while kicking and spinning and fighting his fate.

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Photo Credits: Realtor.com

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox