Miller Lite Has Created The “Cantenna” For Football Lovers Who Don’t Have Cable

Watching football just got boozier, thanks to Miller Lite.  The beer company is launching its newest product – which is both a drink and a technology.  The brand has created the “Cantenna,” which is “the only reception device on the market that is great tasting.”  Continuing with can puns, Miller Light describes the “can-novation” as “part real beer, part digital antenna” to allow for those who had either cut the cable cord, or never had it in the first place, to still be able to watch live football.  The limited-edition Cantenna was dreamed up during a time when many football fans are unable to watch sports from bars because of the coronavirus pandemic, limiting their options to either buying some sort of sport’s streaming service, or using illegal online links.  “Streaming live sports can get frustrating and expensive and if cord-cutters want to watch football, they’re often forced to resort to sketchy, unreliable, illegal streaming,” said Stephanie Clanfield, associate marketing manager, Miller Lite. “Miller Lite is determined to bring you smooth streaming and make your Miller Time a little easier with the new Miller Lite Cantenna.”  Those interesting to drinking where they stream can enter for the chance to win a Cantenna of their very own. According to the press release, the alcoholic antenna will be given away until October 12.

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan