[Video] Mom Can’t Stop Laughing After Accidentally Flashing Daughter’s Zoom Class

Ashley Foret Smith, a mom of three from Jacksonville, Florida, accidentally gave her daughter’s first-grade class an eye full on Zoom earlier this month.  On May 5, she took to Facebook with some advice for parents — along with a cheeky video that has had some 1.8 million viewers.  “I watch all of these videos of people on the internet and I don’t believe it,” she told her followers, crying in laughter. “And then it just happened to me.”  Foret Smith explained that the morning had begun like any other — chaotically.  Every morning while remote learning, each of her three daughters assumes her designated work zone throughout the home. After helping them set up, Foret Smith headed for her bathroom.  Upon finishing her shower, she emerged back into her bedroom, towel-less, to soon realize her 7-year-old had relocated from the office to the master bedroom.  “Uh oh,” said one child over the call, according to Foret Smith. “We should hang up. We might be in trouble.”  In the reaction video, she contemplates “[writing] an apology note to all the parents,” or simply not addressing it at all.  “Literally the most humiliating moment of my life,” she says just before her daughter interrupts the recording. “You are in so much trouble,” she adds.  In a recent interview, Foret Smith told Insider, “Parenting books teach you a lot of things. But nowhere in these books is there a chapter on how to virtual school during a pandemic. How was I supposed to handle this?”  She turned to her teacher friends for advice, who commiserated with her embarrassing moment. According to Insider, it was their idea for Foret Smith to share the awkward story to the world.  “Practicing social distancing for so long makes you feel like you are in this all alone. When in fact, every single one of us is learning this new way of life,” said Foret Smith. “I hope that other parents learn that it is OK to not be perfect — that we are all doing our best to balance so many things right now.”

Photo Credit: Ashley Foret Smith via Facebook

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