More Than 25% Of All Americans And 44% Of Republicans Believe Conspiracy Theory That Bill Gates Is Plotting To Use A Covid-19 Vaccine To Implant Microchips In People

A new survey has shown more than 25 percent of Americans and 44 percent of Republicans believe a crazy conspiracy theory that Bill Gates is plotting to use a Covid-19 vaccine to implant microchips in people.  The survey, conducted by Yahoo News and YouGov, asked 1,640 Americans questions about the conspiracy theory between May 20 and 21.  Some 28 percent of US adults who took part said they believed the widely debunked theory and 44 per cent of people who identified as Republicans thought it was true.

In contrast, 19 percent of Democrats believed the conspiracy theory about Bill Gates, who in addition to his business ventures is well known for his public-health philanthropy.  A majority of Democrats (52%) were able to identify the theory as false.  Conspiracy theorists claim, falsely, that Gates is using the Covid-19 pandemic as a way to push a vaccine which includes a microchip capable of tracking people, and thus the world’s population.  Some conspiracy theorists even go as far to say that he plans to eradicate 15 percent of the world’s population with the hypothetical vaccine.  The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has never proposed or funded any research into the development of a vaccine – for Covid-19 or otherwise – that includes the injection of a tracking or monitoring device.  While the charitable foundation did fund a pilot study, conducted by MIT and Rice University, into a potential vaccine delivery device that could “impart an invisible mark detectable by a smartphone,” it was entirely theoretical and would not have been capable of tracking or monitoring.

Photo Credit: Fox News via The Verge



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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan