Nearly 30 Percent Of Delivery Workers Have Taken A Bite Out Of Your Food

More than a quarter of delivery workers have admitted to snacking on a customer’s take-out order before dropping it off, according to a new survey.  The intention of the survey by US Foods was “to understand the habits and pain points of consumers who use popular food delivery apps,” but instead revealed troubling behaviours in the on-demand delivery industry.   It turns out an estimated 28 percent of delivery workers admitted to stealing a bite from orders en route to customers, while only 21 percent of customers had suspected it had happened to them.

Not only did 28% of delivery drivers admit that they had taken a nibble from a customer’s order, 17% of customers said they’d had an experience where a delivery driver simply left food outside and didn’t hand it off to them. To address this issue, a majority of customers (85%) said they’d like restaurants to invest in “tamper-evident labels” to help combat this in the future.

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Photo Credit: US Foods


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan