New Craft Bourbon Is Made With Beaver ‘Secretion’

A New Hampshire distillery is marketing a new craft bourbon containing an unusual flavouring ingredient: beaver secretion.  Tamworth Distilling and Mercantile announced the release of Eau De Musc. It is an 88-proof bourbon selling for $65 per 6.7-ounce bottle.  The high-end spirit is flavoured in part by scent oils from the castor sacs of beavers from New Hampshire.  “It’s aromatic, very distinct. It’s leathery, rich, slightly fruity in a non-traditional sense. With the whiskey, it really works in quite well,” Tamworth distiller Matt Power said.

The scent oils, known as castoreum, are actually found in a surprising number of products, said beaver trapper Anton Kaska, who supplied the substance to the distillery.  “I’m sure you’ve had castoreum, you just didn’t know it.  When you eat something good and you see ‘natural flavors,’ a lot of time you can thank a trapper,” he said.

Photo Credit: Tamworth Distilling via

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox