New Netflix Horror Movie “The Perfection” Is Making Viewers Physically Sick With Graphic Scenes Showing Vomit And Gore

Netflix’s new horror movie The Perfection is making people physically ill with its graphic scenes and people can’t stop talking about.  The film, which users across social media are warning people to watch blindly without reading a recap or watching the trailer, stars Logan Browning as a young musician, Lizzie, and Allison Williams as a once-was musical prodigy, Charlotte.  Scenes causing visceral reactions include bugs crawling under Lizzie’s skin, multiple bouts of throwing up, blood splattering on Charlotte’s face, and a perfectly timed edit (at least in the trailer) of raw poultry being chopped with a cleaver.  The gore in the movie has led to self-reported migraines and vomiting from viewers who have called the story line sick and twisted, but online reviews have urged people to watch nonetheless.

Photo Credits: Netflix via Youtube

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan