New Research Shows More Benefits For Breastfeeding Women

Breastfeeding can be a difficult task for most women. A study once showed that 77 percent of moms start off breastfeeding, only about 36 percent are still doing it at six months. Studies also show that pumping really helps production, especially in those early days where sometimes it is also the most frustrating  for Moms just figuring it out. (And not to mention it’s new for baby, too!)  Some new research finds that women who breastfed at least one child for six months or more had a lower risk of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease than women who breastfed for one month or fewer. See full story and study details here!

So if we know that it’s good for Mama, and baby, then it’s just about the proper advice and guidance. Medela can help! They are incredible, with 24/7 help for mamas through their My Medela App. You can also find them online or by phone. At any hour of night or day where you may need it. Another question that may come up…. how do you choose the right breast pump for you and how do you use it correctly? Find out all about the benefits with a series of videos from Medela, here!


Courtesy of Medela Canada

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Cover Image: Kat Callaghan 
Study Results: UCSD School of Medicine, Huffington Post  

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox