New Snapchat Update Will Allow You To Unsend Or Delete A Message

Snapchat will soon allow users to “unsend” embarrassing messages.  They are rolling out a new “Clear Chats” feature that will let you delete messages after they’ve been sent.  Snapchat says the tool, which will roll out to users globally in the next few weeks, works for both individual and group chats.  Snapchat says the Clear Chats tool should be especially helpful if you’ve accidentally sent a movie spoiler or to quickly delete a chat message that contains a typo.  Users can delete all or specific parts of a conversation, even if the message has been saved or viewed, the firm added.

To use the Clear Chats feature, open the conversation that contains the message you want to delete.   From there, press and hold on the message and choose “Delete.”  After the message has been deleted, other users in the conversation will see a notification in the chat that a message was deleted.

Photo Credit: Snapchat – Logo

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox