New Study Finds Compound In Non-Stick Pans Is Making Men’s Penises Smaller

A new study found that a chemical commonly found on nonstick pans and fast-food wrappers may have a significant impact on endowment — and can result in smaller penises.  The research, which took place in Italy, found that those who had been exposed to perfluoroalkyl compounds, also referred to as PFCs, had significantly smaller eggplants than those who hadn’t, as well as lower semen quality.  PFCs are chemicals commonly used as water and oil repellents in cookware and textiles.  The study says adult males are more likely to accumulate the chemical in their body for an unknown reason, meaning the chemical could have a larger effect on them than another population.

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Photo Credit: Free use / Wikimedia Commons / GoodFreePhotos


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Scott Fox
Scott Fox