New Study Suggests Listening To A Full Album Is Good For Your Mental Health

If you’re feeling low, try putting on your favourite album from start to finish! I think we all know how our favourite songs can make us feel, which is why it may not shock you that results of a new study say listening to full albums can have positive mental benefits.  With National Album Day around the corner, the study focused on full albums and not just a song. Turns out 83% of people said listening to albums helps them relax and 76% said it made them feel better when they were feeling low.

The study, out of the UK, also concluded that comfort food helps, too! Followed by reading and listening to an album in full. Exercising, watching a movie, watching TV, gardening, and taking a nap were also on the list.


Story: BPI
Image: Wiki/DanielitoSanMiguel

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan