On Thursday Olive Garden Will Offer A Lifetime Pasta Pass

Imagine never paying for another bowl of pasta again.  That is, in fact, a reality for 50 lucky Olive Garden fans, as the restaurant chain prepares to offer its very first Lifetime Pasta Passes during this year’s Never Ending Pasta Pass promotion.  The Lifetime Pasta Passes entitle 50 lucky recipients to unlimited pasta, soup, salad and breadsticks for their entire lifetimes.  The passes, however, will only be available to those fast enough to purchase the original Never Ending Pasta Passes.

Here’s how it works: On Thursday Aug. 15 at 2pm EST sharp, the original Never Ending Pasta Passes will go on sale at www.PastaPass.com for $100 apiece (plus tax) and only for 30 minutes, or until sold out.  The first 50 to complete their transactions will be offered the opportunity to opt-in for the Lifetime Pasta Passes for an additional $400, plus tax.  Those who opted in for the Lifetime passes will be notified if they qualify the following day, at which point they can finish their transactions and start scoping out real-estate listings near their preferred Olive Garden.  “This never-before offered pass will be paid off, on average, by the time you hit your 45th bowl,” a press release estimates.  The recipients of the remaining 23,950 regular Pasta Passes, meanwhile, will need to enjoy the nine weeks of unlimited pasta they will subsequently be entitled to.

Anyone who wants to get a Lifetime pass — or just a regular pass — needs to act quick, though. In 2018, Olive Garden’s limited Annual Pasta Passes, which allows the bearer to a year’s worth of unlimited food, sold out in less than 1 second.  All 22,000 of the passes the company offered in 2017 sold out in one second as well.  “Guests are encouraged to visit the website early to join the online waiting room starting at 1:55 p.m. ET,” the company suggests.

To visit the Pasta Pass website: CLICK HERE (You will be redirected)

Photo Credit: Olive Garden


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan