[VIDEO] Oprah Winfrey Under Fire For 2004 Interview With The Olsen Twins

Oprah Winfrey is catching heat over a question she asked twin actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen back in 2004.  She asked them: “What size are you?”  The girls at the time were 17 at the time and Mary-Kate was rumored to be suffering with an eating disorder.  Ashley appears particularly taken aback by the question and simply replies: “Size?”  Mary-Kate chimes in at this point, saying they have always been petite – at which Oprah replies “Oh, that’s so interesting!” sarcastically.  Those re-watching the interview have branded it “uncomfortable.”  One social media user remarked: “I know we’re living in different times, but how did they think that was okay!?! [Because] they’re young?”

@2000shollywoodSuper uncomfortable 2004 Olsen twins interview on the Oprah show – very insensitive. #olsentwins #oprahwinfrey #2000s #interview #fyp #fup #foryou♬ original sound – random vids


cover image via oprah winfrey show

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