Ottawa Releases A Proposed Set Of Regulations For Cannabis Edibles

Ottawa is out with a proposed set of rules for edible cannabis products as it prepares to add them to the list of legal pot products by (no later than) October 17, 2019. The draft regulations propose a set of hard caps on the amount of THC that can be in any package, depending on the product. The government says all packaging would have to be child-resistant and display the standard cannabis symbol with a health warning message. Ottawa is gathering public input on the proposed rules until February 20th.

A few other highlights from the proposed guidelines:

  • Canadians won’t be allowed to buy cannabis-infused booze when other marijuana-laced edibles become legal. Cannabis-infused alcoholic products would not be permitted, except where the alcohol content is minimal.
  • Packaging or labelling beer or wine products together with cannabis would also be prohibited, to reduce the risk of people mixing the two substances, which has been deemed a health risk.
  • Cannabis edibles that appear or are packaged like candy or other familiar children’s foods would also be banned.

Photo Credit: Ontario Cannabis Store – Logo

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan