Steelers Running Back Leaves A 75 Cent Tip On A $128 Bill

Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams recently dined at a restaurant that called him out on Facebook for under-tipping on a $128.25 bill.  According to TMZ, Williams responded frankly, saying “They sucked at their jobs.”  Williams’ waitress — who was also tending the bar — wrote on Facebook that, “His (Williams’) check was $128.25.  He left Read more

Why Ontario Apples Are Near Perfect This Year

With the leaves starting to change colour, it’s now apple picking season here in Ontario and this year should be a really good one. Thanks to this summer’s hot, sunny weather there is a lot of extra flavour in this year’s crop. The starches in apples change into sugar as sunlight strikes, and this has been a great year for … Read more

Cheetos Chicken Fries Come To Burger King Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, Burger King is adding Cheetos Chicken Fries to the menu for a limited time. Burger King says they “have a dangerously cheesy outside and made with juicy white meat chicken inside.” Regular Chicken Fries were available from 2005-2012 and then reintroduced in 2014. Since then, they have experimented with Fiery Chicken Fries, Jalapeno Chicken Fries, and … Read more

New Study Finds Kids' Soccer Injuries Are Soaring

A new study says soccer injuries are sending soaring numbers of kids to emergency rooms. Many cases are children with concussions needing urgent medical care. The findings are based on 25 years of data, studied by researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Nearly 3 million players aged 7 through 17 received ER treatment for soccer-related injuries in the … Read more

[Pics] Possibly The Worst Parking Job Ever

A Connecticut man may be guilty of the worst parking job in recorded history: eight feet off the ground. Plainville police said the guy was driving his girlfriend’s Saturn LS when he lost control, sped over a rock island, went airborne and broke through a fence. The unidentified driver ended up smashing into a building eight feet in the air. … Read more

Eid Mubarak! Today Is Eid Ul-Adha

Today is Eid Ul-Adha. It is a major Muslim holiday which falls on the 10th day of Dhul Hijjah – (September 12, this year). It follows the first 10 days of the holiest months in the Islamic calendar. Muslims celebrate the story of the Prophet Ibrahim, who was commanded by Allah to sacrifice his son. To commemorate this story, Muslims … Read more

Today's Throne Speech Will Address Soaring Hydro Rates

With brutal poll numbers and a recent by-election loss, Premiere Kathleen Wynne is going to try to press reset today when the government lays out a new plan for Ontario by delivering a Throne Speech at Queens Park. The Premier says she has heard from consumers, businesses and municipal leaders across the province that ever-increasing hydro bills are making life … Read more

More School Bus Issues Expected In Toronto Today

Toronto students could be facing more bus issues today. This week more than 1,000 children were either late for school or did not get there at all due to an “unanticipated” bus driver shortage. The Toronto District School Board says the problem affects about 60 routes throughout the city and mainly impact elementary students from the public and … Read more

The OPP Are Defending Why They Shot A Mama Bear Yesterday

The OPP are on the defense, claiming they had little choice but to put down a female bear who wandered into a northern Ontario restaurant with her cubs. Police were called to the restaurant in Terrace Bay yesterday after the bears entered an open back door and helped themselves to some food. Employees cornered them and no customers were approached. … Read more

North Korea Tested A Huge Nuclear Weapon Last Night

The world just became a much more dangerous place. North Korea has conducted its biggest-ever nuclear weapons test. It was so big, it registered at the equivalent of a 5.0-magnitude earthquake. This is North Korea’s second nuclear test this year. An official in Pyongyang says North Korea needed to do it so they can build an array of stronger, smaller … Read more

[Video] Paralympic Torch Bearer Falls But Displays Amazing Perseverance

Rio’s Paralympic Games opened last night. Before a TV audience of one billion, Marcia Malsar proved why these Games are so beloved and its athletes so respected. The former Brazilian athlete slipped on the rain-soaked floor shortly after receiving the Paralympic torch inside a sell-out Maracana Stadium. To rapturous applause, the former gold medalist dusted herself off, rose to her … Read more

Changes Coming To Minor Hockey In Ontario

A new policy from the Ontario offices of Hockey Canada means transgendered minor hockey players in Ontario are now allowed to use the dressing rooms of their choice and be referred to with the names and pronouns they prefer. The new inclusive policy goes into wide effect starting this season. The new policy states that “players who identify as Read more

Check Out The New Toronto Police Cruisers

Toronto Police are replacing the entire fleet of cruisers. Gone are the old white cars with red and blue markings. The new ones are dark grey and from a distance it’s hard to read the word “police” on the doors. The new cars are pretty stealth looking. Toronto Police spokesperson Mark Pugash told City News there will be no additional … Read more

Two New Playstation Models Are On The Way

Sony is shaking up the video game console market by launching two new models of the PlayStation 4. One is a slimmer, lighter and less expensive version of the hardware. It will eventually replace the current model. The new standard PS4 is starting to ship to retailers now and will be available by September 15 for a suggested retail price … Read more

[Breaking] Canadian Recall On Some Samsung Smartphones

Samsung has released Canadian details for the 10-country recall of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, following reports that some of their batteries have exploded or caught fire. Samsung Electronics Canada says there has been no confirmed incident in this country, but Canadian customers are eligible for a product exchange. Samsung’s parent company said last week that it would set … Read more

Scott And Kat To Host The Landing Group Golf Tournament

On Sunday September 18, 2016 Scott & Kat from the Z103.5 Morning Show will serve as hosts for the third annual Landing Group of Restaurants golf tournament at Piper’s Heath golf club. All golfers will receive a welcome bag, loaded with freebies from Z103.5, the Landing Group of Restaurants and tournament sponsors. There will also be on-course sampling, a hole-in-one … Read more

Almost Half Of Canadians Are Now Living Cheque To Cheque

It’s a scary new reality check about life in Canada. A new poll says that about half of working Canadians would fall behind on their bills if their paycheque was delayed by just 1-week. According to the Canadian Payroll Association, 48% of respondents said they rely on each payday to cover their bills. 40% admitted they spend either all-of or … Read more

80-Year Old Woman Has "A Little" Trouble Parking

An 80-year-old woman took an unintended short cut as she tried to drive her car out of a multi-level parking garage in western Germany, breaking though the building’s wall and landing on a car parked 3 metres (10 feet) below. Police said that neither the driver nor her 85-year-old husband, who was standing next to the car at the time, … Read more

The Lines For Team Canada Appear To Be Set

Sidney Crosby played centre with Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron yesterday as Canada offered a first glimpse at potential line combinations for the upcoming World Cup of Hockey. Ryan Getzlaf lined up between two former No. 1 overall picks in John Tavares and Steven Stamkos. Jonathan Toews centred Tyler Seguin and Logan Couture, and Claude Giroux was paired with Joe … Read more

The Leafs' New Goaltender Is Injured Already

New Maple Leafs goaltender Frederik Andersen will not play for Team Europe at the World Cup of Hockey. The Leafs said yesterday that Andersen will be sidelined for the next 3-4 weeks because of an upper body injury. Andersen, who was acquired in a trade from Anaheim this past summer, is expected to be ready for the start of the … Read more

[Video] She Meant To Set Her Ex Boyfriend's Car On Fire But …

A Florida woman set fire to a car thinking it belonged to her ex-boyfriend but got the wrong vehicle. Carmen Chamblee, 19, was arrested Saturday morning near Clearwater and charged with second-degree arson. She’s accused of intentionally setting a Honda on fire. Chamblee said she believed the vehicle belong to her ex-boyfriend. But the owner of the Honda, Thomas Jennings, … Read more

6-Year Old Hospitalized Because Of A Wire BBQ Brush

Once again we are being warned about the dangers of BBQ brush wire bristles after a six-year-old boy had to be hospitalized. Vaughan’s Nadia Cerelli says a backyard barbecue earlier this summer quickly become a medical emergency when her son, Anthony, ate a burger from the grill and said he felt like he had a needle in his throat. Anthony … Read more

The CRTC Wants To Know Why Our Cable Bills Are Still Too High

Over 1,000 complaints in 6-weeks to the Consumers’ Association of Canada. That’s what the CRTC is considering regarding the new mandatory “skinny basic” cable packages that they ordered cable and satellite companies to offer back in March. This week Canada’s cable & satellite companies have all been called to a CRTC hearing to explain why the $25 cable packages are … Read more

Woman Shot In The Butt In Rexdale Yesterday

A 23-year-old woman was taken to hospital yesterday after being shot in the buttucks in Rexdale. Police were dispatched to the Queens Plate Dr and Nearctic Dr area (near Hwy 27) around 11:30am. Apparently the woman arrived at the location in an Uber. Another vehicle pulled up shortly after and fired multiple rounds at the Uber, striking her in the … Read more

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