PETA Launches New Scented Candles That Smell Like Tofu And Wet Dog

PETA knows just what people want for the holidays: a home that smells like wet dog.  The animal rights organization has unveiled a new line of holiday merch, including several scented candles.  But while some are traditional scents like spice cranberry and pumpkin pie, PETA is also selling candles that smell like wet dog and tofu.  While it’s clear that PETA really likes animals, even many of the most fervent dog-lovers would agree that the smell of wet dog isn’t actually a pleasant one.  Yet PETA wants to transform people’s homes with the scent, even when there’s no wet dog around.  The $16.99 100% vegan soy candle comes with an illustration of a dripping pup on the packaging.  “It’s impossible not to smile when they come in from the rain or the river and shake all over us,” the description reads.  “PETA’s new candle is the perfect gift for anyone who wishes to reproduce the distinctive scent of wet dog and who knows that any day spent with a dog is a good day.”

The other unusual scent in the merch store this year is a $23.99 tofu-scented candle, which has a big white blob of the vegan food on the packaging.  “This year, we’re paying homage to tofu for working in everything from sandwiches to soufflés and — most importantly — for giving animals a break,” the description reads.  The candle is part of a lineup of tofu-focused products this year.  The box includes some bullet points on “the terrific truth about tofu,” including that it’s one of the oldest foods in the world and is “extremely nutritious.”  The packaging also repeats a controversial claim PETA has made before, that carnivores caused the COVID19 pandemic.  “While the meat industry breeds deadly pathogens like the novel corornavirus, tofu has never caused a pandemic!”

Photo Credit: PETA


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan