Premier Ford Says The PM And The General Motors Union Are Selling False Hope

Premier Doug Ford says union leaders and politicians who are promising to save General Motors’ award-winning assembly plant in Oshawa are “selling false hope”. Ford says the fight ahead for the 2,500 auto workers affected by the announced plant closure late next year is really about finding new jobs and helping affected families. The Premier accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, opposition politicians and even the leader of the union representing the affected workers of making empty promises while admitting in private that “the GM plant isn’t coming back.”

Unifor president Jerry Dias fired back at Ford last night, saying the premier is intimidated by G-M and his reaction has been “weak.” He says Ford likes to portray himself as a prize fighter, when he is actually the kind of guy who would faint just before walking into the arena.

Photo Credit: Doug Ford via Twitter


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Scott Fox
Scott Fox