R. Kelly’s Lawyer Says He Was Attacked By Inmate With A ‘F*** The Feds’ Tattoo — Wants Him Out On Bail

R. Kelly’s Lawyer says he was nearly stabbed with an ink pen by a fellow inmate last week. R. Kelly is in a Chicago jail, and was allegedly followed around by an inmate who has ‘F THE FEDS’ tattooed on his forehead. The then “violent” inmate crept up on him and started “stomping” on his head. They say he also had a pen and was planning to stab R.Kelly with it. They are saying all of this because they want him released from the place on bail. According to a motion filed by Kelly’s attorney Steven Greenberg, “This is an inmate that never should have been anywhere near Mr. Kelly, an individual who is charged with the most violent of crimes, and one who plainly has no respect for the rules, he has the phrase ‘Fu** The Feds’ tattooed on his face.” Jail officials placed him in solitary confinement following the attack because it was the only way he could be protected. It’s not clear if Kelly is still in solitary confinement.  The inmate who attacked the singer was allegedly upset over recent lockdowns caused by pro-R Kelly protests outside of the jail.


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan