Robert Pattinson Is The Most Attractive Male Celebrity In The World

By now you may have heard of the ‘Golden Ratio’, which is used to determine how attractive someone is. The formula has been applied to celebrity faces, mostly female… until now. The daily mail has done the math and revealed the top 10 celebrity males:



1.  Robert Pattinson,  92.15%


2.  Henry Cavill,  91.64%


3.  Bradley Cooper,  91.08%


4.  Brad Pitt,  90.51%


5.  George Clooney,  89.91%


6.  Hugh Jackman,  89.64%


7.  David Beckham,  88.96%


8.  Idris Elba,  88.01%


9.  Kanye West,  87.94%


10.  Ryan Gosling,  87.48%


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