Roll-Up The Rim Begins Today And McDonald’s Extends Their Dollar Coffee Promo

Today the Canadian coffee wars really heat up. First, this is day 1 of Roll Up The Rim to Win at Tim Horton’s. This year the contest is being played online and on the app. Customers are encouraged to download the Tim Horton’s app and link their rewards card information onto it. Paper cups with roll-up rims have been axed this year, amid COVID19 fears. In addition to online, there will also be chances to win in-store if a customer is randomly selected by a computer.

To visit the Roll Up The Rim To Win site: CLICK HERE (You will be redirected)

But you had to know McDonald’s wasn’t going to let Tim’s get a free pass on their annual promotion. They just extended their coffee promotion and $1 coffee will stay on the menu until at least April 5th. This was confirmed this morning by a franchisee.

Photo Credit: Tim Horton’s

Coronavirus Prompts Tim Horton’s To Axe Roll Up The Rim Cups This Year



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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan