Screampark Is Happening This Year – With Some Modifications For COVID19

Bingemans in Kitchener has announced they are going ahead with their annual Screampark but it will look a little different this year. Screampark is an outdoor haunted adventure walk. This year the new check in location is at the entrance to Flagraiders paintball, not at FunworX. Guests need to purchase their terror ticket online.  They will be operating at a reduced capacity so it’s recommended that you get your tickets well in advance. Guests are required to wear a face covering and they must physically distance from other visitors. Screampark opens September 25th-26th and runs until November 1st .

To visit the Screampark site: CLICK HERE (You will be redirected)

More about the Screampark experience for 2020:

What to expect for this year’s screaming season 2020:

  • New check in location at entrance to Flagraiders paintball, not at Bingemans FunworX. This is
    new, uncharted territory to awaken the undisturbed!
  • Guests will purchase their terror ticket(s) online. They will choose their date and time, using our
    online ticketing system. This allows our guests to feel confident that we are providing
    appropriate physical distancing and it allows us the opportunity to manage and control
    attendance levels as we are operating at a reduced capacity.
  • As our capacity at Screampark has been reduced, we highly recommend that all guests purchase
    their passes in advance at to avoid disappointment. Should you choose to
    wait to purchase until time of arrival, this exposes you to the potential of being told we are sold
    out for that period of time.
  • Guests are required to wear a face covering while attending Screampark
  • Guests are required to stay 6ft/2M from other guests as well as actors at all times.

THREE bone chilling upgrades to your Screampark experience:
1. Screampark Boston Pizza Package- Think you can handle a meal after Screampark? Save
on your evening out with a Boston Pizza Screampark package.
2. Screampark Horror Drive-In Package – As if you weren’t scared enough, take in more
horror at On The Grand Drive-In!
3. Camping Terror Package – If Screampark doesn’t do you in, perhaps trying to sleep
outside only minutes away from all of the horror might!
Screampark 2020 will be open September 25th, 26th, October 2nd to 4th, 9th to 11th, 16th to 18th and 22nd
to November 1st.

Photo Credit: Bingemans – Supplied


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan