Shawn Mendes Isn’t Thrilled With How His ‘Rolling Stone’ Article Turned Out

Shawn Mendes does not seem to be too thrilled with an article in Rolling Stone. He did the interview and cover spread back in August while he was in Portugal. The article itself seems to focus a lot on a couple of things – including Shawn’s admission that at a certain point he felt the need to be seen out with females so that people stopped asking whether he was gay. They also focused on his admission that he loves smoking weed, adding that it’s “really good” for him and his song writing. Although they were all actually quotes from Shawn, he posted later on Twitter that ‘Sometimes the positive side of a story doesn’t always get fully told and I wish it had here’.



Shawn says weed is the reason he wrote so many hits. “I love weed, I wouldn’t tweet that – not yet, at least – but it’s really good for me.  When I’m home, I’ll smoke and then play guitar for seven hours.”  Read the full article HERE! 



Story: Rolling Stone & ShawnTwitter
Image: Rolling Stone/Twitter

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox