Skinny Dipping Bikini

A new bikini is so hot it comes with its own caution.  The teeny tiny two-piece with invisible straps is the newest addition to the swimwear collection by online retailer Oh Polly, and it’s not for the faint-hearted.  The Skinny Dipping Clear Strap Micro Triangle Bikini leaves very little to the imagination and is already causing a stir on social media.  By its retailer’s own admission, it covers only the essentials – and not much else.  The triangular top and bottoms, made from a polyester spandex blend, are both adjustable so that consumers can decide exactly how much flesh they’re prepared to flash.  The set comes in both burnt orange and cream.  The high-rise thong design is just as jaw-dropping as the top, meaning tan lines will become a thing of the past.  “Our high rise thong bikini bottoms do the most while being the least,” reads the item description.  The revealing attire was clearly designed with sun-bathing in mind, and the bikini is already proving popular – though some people have questioned whether it’s worth wearing anything at all.

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