Stephen King Teases New ‘Friday the 13th’ Novel

Jason  is still alive — at least in Stephen King’s mind.  The author recently said he’s thinking about writing a novel from the perspective of Jason himselfOn Sunday, the popular novelist said: “The best novel idea I never wrote (and probably never will) is I JASON”. He says the first-person narrative would follow Jason Voohees’ “hellish fate” of having to be killed at Camp Crystal Lake over and over again, only to be resurrected each time. Horror fans shouldn’t cheer just yet.  King followed up that “Just thinking about the legal thicket one would have to go through to get permissions makes my head ache. And my heart, that too. But gosh, shouldn’t someone tell Jason’s side of the story?”  Still, the writer added that “Blumhouse could do it as a movie,” referring to the production company behind horror films like “Paranormal Activity,” “The Purge” and “Halloween.”

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