Strip Club Uses Dancers As Delivery Drivers After Being Shut Down Due To The Coronavirus

The governor of Oregon recently issued a mandate shutting down all nonessential businesses in response to the coronavirus pandemic. While this has caused many businesses to close their doors, there was one establishment that came up with a unique way to keep its employees working.  Shon Boulden, the owner of the Lucky Devil Lounge strip club in Portland, Ore., said his idea originally started as a joke.  According to him, “Boober eats was inspired by a tweet that I sent off joking about creating a food delivery service with topless dancers.”  Boober Eats, a play on UberEats, is a service where customers can have various items from the Lucky Devil Lounge’s menu delivered to their door — by a pasty-clad stripper (who is also escorted by security).

The menu consists of traditional pub fare and includes burgers, salads, steaks, chicken fingers and other similar items. Also, according to an Instagram post, Boober Eats did give away a bidet (amidst a toilet paper shortage caused by panic shopping).  Boulden has taken steps to ensure the dancers stay safe during the delivery trips.  Aside from the typical problems they face, the security is also there to help them avoid coming into contact with customers potentially infected with COVID-19.

Since strippers are typically considered independent contractors, they usually aren’t eligible for unemployment. But while Boober Eats has helped the dancers continue to make money, it’s still significantly less than the dancers traditionally make, according to reports.

Photo Credit: Lucky Devil Lounge via Instagram




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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan