Subway Customers Upset After Two Sandwiches Are Removed From Most Locations

After reintroducing a new version of its “$5 Footlong” promotion (a controversial move in and of itself), Subway has seemingly removed two popular sandwiches. Roast beef and rotisserie-style chicken have disappeared from the menu entirely.   One of Subway’s official Twitter accounts appeared to confirm that the offerings were largely discontinued, and only still available at “some locations.”  Twitter users who claim to work for Subway have since responded to the news, with one saying the items were popular, and another saying they barely sold. Subway has not publicly stated why the offerings were out at most stores.  News of Subway apparently discontinuing roast beef and rotisserie-style chicken follows the chain’s announcement that its “$5 Footlong” promotion was back in effect “for a limited time at participating U.S. restaurants.”  Subway’s franchisees, however, have largely voiced their opposition to the deal, arguing that food costs and employee wages were lower when the promotion was first advertised in the mid-2000s.

Photo Credit: Subway via Twitter

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan