Survey Finds Millennials Want To Ditch The Secret Santa Exchange At Work

It seems some Millennials want to bring an end to the “Secret Santa” office holiday tradition because it “gives them anxiety.”  A U.K. job-hunting site reports that Millennials find the “Secret Santa” gift exchange to be anxiety-inducing.  The study found that 78% of Millennials felt they contributed “more than they should” to an office party gift compared to 58% of the rest of the workforce. When you factor in Secret Santa exchanges, birthday parties and other extras, the average millennial spends $191 a year on office celebrations compared to $125 for everyone else. The main reasons for this are fear of appearing stingy and fear of being judged by co-workers. 35% of Millennials wish their boss would ban Secret Santa, compared to 25% of other workers.  26% of Millennials said they’ve had to dip into savings or use overdraft protection to chip-in for a work-related event.

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan