Taco Bell Is Now Testing The Triplelupa In More Areas

Taco Bell is testing a perforated, three-pack chain of chalupas.  The item is called a Triplelupa. Much like a three-car freight train, each section of the Triplelupa can be unhitched from one another at the two “tear-away” hinges located on the inner joints of the “caboose” or “engine.”  However, the middle chalupa hides perhaps the tastiest secret of all the individual Triplelupa sections: Taco Bell’s new item will be doused with half nacho cheese and half chipotle sauce, the two only meeting and connecting in the middle.  That said, only the middle chalupa will contain both sauces, while those on either end will just contain one or the other.  Taco Bell is also pitching its Triplelupa as a “great shareable item,” although extra-hungry diners might be able to handle the entire locomotive-of-a-meal on their own: A representative for Taco Bell confirmed that each of the three sections is only about half the size of a normal chalupa.  The fast-food chain has not yet revealed whether the Triplelupa will be rolling out to other cities should Minneapolis testing prove successful. The item first debuted during a test run in Orange County, Calif., last year.

Photo Credit: Taco Bell via delish.com


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