Taco Bell Is Opening A Theme Resort In Palm Springs

Taco Bell has announced plans to open a themed resort, complete with a salon where visitors can get taco-inspired nail art and vacation braids, and sleep in the lap of low-budget luxury.  The Bell, in Palm Springs, Calif., will open for a limited time starting on August 9. Reservations will open up sometime in June through Taco Bell’s social media or by signing up to a listserv.  No word yet on how much a night at this fast-food fever dream will cost.  “The Bell…will be fun, colourful, flavourful and filled with more than what our fans might expect,” Taco Bell’s Chief Global Brand Officer Marisa Thalberg said in a statement. “Also, just like some of our most sought-after food innovation, this hotel brings something entirely new for lucky fans to experience and enjoy.”  She says there will be some new food offerings not typically found at your usual fast food locations.

To visit The Bell website: CLICK HERE (You will be redirected)

Photo Credit: Taco Bell via Youtube screenshot


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan