Taylor Swift Reponds After Scooter Braun Sells Her Music Masters

Scooter Braun has sold Taylor Swift’s highly-coveted masters for a price of $300 Million. Taylor Swift’s first six albums were sold to Shamrock Holdings, according to Taylor, who says she received a note from the company while the deal was being done saying they wanted to work with her going forward. Taylor was excited, until she learned part of their deal with Scooter is that he and his group Ithica Holdings will continue to profit off her old catalog as part of the deal. Taylor says that is a non-starter for her.  So where do we stand? This group has her masters, Scooter will still get a cut and made MILLIONS off the sale, and Taylor has finally been allowed to start re-recording her old hits and says she can’t wait until fans get to hear it.



Images via: Taylor.Insta, Scooter.Insta

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