The Average Person Trusts Just 7 People In Their Lives

The Average Person Trusts Just 7 People In Their Lives

The signs you are trustworthy have been revealed in a new survey of 2,000 adults. According to the study, the average adult trusts just seven people in their lives.  And, 40% say the pandemic has actually helped reveal who’s trustworthy and who isn’t.  This might explain why more than half find it difficult to trust other people and also why seven in 10 think once their trust has been broken it can never be restored. However, a quarter said recent events have made them more willing to let bygones be bygones and forgive, while one in 10 believe they’ve become more trusting this year. 85% of people think they themselves are trustworthy.

The study found the top signs you’re trustworthy include:

  1. They are reliable
    2. They aren’t manipulative
    3. They don’t share things said in confidence with others
    4. They are consistent in their behaviour
    5. They have integrity
    6. Their words and behaviour match up
    7. They haven’t broken your trust before
    8. They respect boundaries
    9. They listen to you
    10. You know them very well
    11. They are considerate towards you
    12. They are willing to help
    13. They are considerate towards others
    14. They have been in your life for a long time
    15. They are authentic
    16. They don’t cancel plans last minute
    17. They aren’t judgemental
    18. They tend to be rational
    19. They trust you
    20. They are transparent
    21. They don’t have a temper
    22. They give you emotional support
    23. They are calm-headed
    24. They follow the rules
    25. They don’t go AWOL for days at a time and are there when you need them
    26. They resolve conflict in a healthy way
    27. They have self-awareness
    28. They are never late
    29. They make a positive difference to society /help others
    30. You share their principles

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