The Ethics Commissioner Will Not Be Allowed To Testify On His Findings Against Trudeau

There will be no testimony delivered to the House of Commons ethics committee by Canada’s Ethics Commissioner on his SNC Lavalin investigation. Yesterday the Liberals used their majority in an emergency meeting to vote down Opposition motions to call Mario Dion to answer questions about his finding that Prime Minister Trudeau breached the Conflict of Interest Act in trying to get criminal proceedings halted against the Montreal company.

Conservative M.P. Peter Kent accused Liberal committee members of being complicit in what he called Trudeau’s “obstruction of justice.” But Liberal Steven MacKinnon dismissed the motions as hyper-partisan attempts to re-ignite public outrage on the eve of an election call. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May admits while the controversy is “red meat right before an election,” she added it “stinks to high heaven and deserves another inquiry.” The NDP released a statement that said this should “shock Canadians”. It shows more clearly than ever who this government is working for – big corporate interests like SNC-Lavalin.

Photo Credit: Justin Trudeau via Twitter


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan