The Federal NDP Release Their New Campaign Slogan And Promise A Big Pay Increase For Minimum Wage Workers

The clock continues to countdown to the fall federal election and now the NDP are releasing their new slogan: “In it for You.” It is being launched today with a new ad featuring leader Jagmeet Singh saying he’s different from the other leaders because he doesn’t work for “the wealthy and the well-connected.” Observers note the use of the word “you,” saying it is similar to the Conservatives slogan: “It’s Time for You to Get Ahead.” The Liberals’ slogan is “Choose Forward.” Voters are expected to head to the polls on October 21st. However, the election writ has not yet been signed by the Governor General.

Yesterday, New Democrats announced they will give tens of thousands of workers a raise by immediately establishing a $15 an hour federal minimum wage and growing that to a living wage within a first mandate. Singh also committed to modernizing sections of the Canadian Labour Code neglected by the Liberals to provide greater protections for workers, including by banning the use of replacement workers in labour disputes – a measure the Liberals shamefully voted against – and delivering fair compensation for part-time and contract workers.

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Photo Credit: Jagmeet Singh via Twitter

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan