The Kiss From The Notebook Is The Top Romantic Moment That People Want

The Kiss From The Notebook Is The Top Romantic Moment That People Want

A new survey asked 2,000 respondents about the romance they hope to achieve one day. It found that seven in 10 just want to have one “movie magic” kiss in their lifetime. At this point in their lives, the average person has only had seven romantic moments they would describe as magical – and 14% have only had one to two. The survey found that the most sought-after movie magic moment is still the iconic kiss in the rain from “The Notebook.” Next in line on Americans’ romance bucket lists included the “I’m flying” moment from “Titanic,” a proposal akin to Mr. Darcy’s in “Pride and Prejudice” and even the upside-down kiss from “Spider-Man.”


  1. The kiss in the rain from The Notebook – 36%
  2. “I’m flying” moment from Titanic – 34%
  3. Mr. Darcy’s second proposal in Pride and Prejudice – 33%
  4. The upside-down kiss from Spider-Man – 32%
  5. The car scene from Titanic – 31%
  6. The “to me you are perfect” scene from Love Actually – 29%
  7. The lift from Dirty Dancing – 23%
  8. The New Year’s Eve monologue from When Harry Met Sally – 22%
  9. The Ikea date in (500) Days of Summer – 20%
  10. The Empire State scene from Sleepless in Seattle – 19%
  11. The pottery scene from Ghost – 18%
  12. The boombox serenade from Say Anything – 18%
  13. The plane song from The Wedding Singer – 17%
  14. The plane scene from Casablanca – 16%
  15. The plane proposal from Crazy, Rich Asians – 14%
  16. The tapes to jog Lucy’s memory in 50 First Dates – 10%

Credit: Diamondère / OnePoll

Photo Credit: The Notebook: Gran Via / New Line Cinema

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