The Land Crossing With America Will Open Next Month

The Land Crossing With America Will Open Next Month

The Biden administration says the United States will reopen its land borders to non-essential travel next month, ending a 19-month freeze because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Canadian vacationers and day-trippers have perhaps been the greatest casualties of the land-border closure. Vehicle, rail and ferry travel between the US, Canada and Mexico has been largely restricted to essential travel, such as trade, since the earliest days of the pandemic. The new rules to be announced today will allow fully vaccinated foreign nationals entry to the US regardless of the reason for travel. That starts in early November, when a similar easing of restrictions will kick in for air travel from abroad.

Is Mexico The Reason Canadians Can’t Currently Drive To The US?

A new poll suggests US residents are far more worried about reopening the land border with Mexico than they are about Canada. The poll, conducted by Leger for the University of Manitoba and Metropolis North America, found just 29 per cent of US respondents were fearful about the Canada-US border. But 52.2 per cent said they were very or somewhat worried about relaxing land travel for Mexico. The Biden administration is under intense pressure from multiple state, local, and federal officials to reopen the Canadian border.

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