The New KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich Is Now Available Nation-Wide

As of yesterday, KFC Canada’s latest innovation, the KFC Famous chicken Chicken Sandwich, is available nation-wide. The sandwich features KFC’s legendary Extra Crispy seasoning and premium Canadian ingredients that set the standard for what a truly famous fried chicken sandwich should taste like. Because you can’t have a famous sandwich without famous chicken.

The KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich is made with 100 per cent Canadian farm raised chicken; it is buttermilk marinated and hand breaded in KFC’s famous Extra Crispy seasoning, and is then topped with sweet chunky pickles, creamy mayonnaise and sandwiched between a lightly toasted potato bun. “We’ve spent 75 years making the world’s best-tasting fried chicken. It is what we’re famous for,” said Samantha Redman, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC Canada. “The Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich is everything you know and love about KFC – big taste, bold flavours, crispy golden chicken, but on a completely different level. We know everyone is going to love this sandwich.

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan