The Ontario Government Announced Major Changes To Hydro And Autism Funding Yesterday

Yesterday was a busy one for the government at Queen’s Park. First, the Social Services Minister announced that she has heard parents’ concerns about the autism program and will hold more consultations with parents ahead of a new autism program kicking in next month.  Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod will be getting further input from them, and has opened the door to providing more funding to kids with higher needs. The province also says today that it is eliminating income testing for the program, so all kids under six diagnosed as on the spectrum will receive $20,000 dollars and kids over six will receive $5,000 dollars. The plan as originally designed would only give those maximum amounts to families making under $55,000 dollars a year.

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Also yesterday, the Progressive Conservative government announced its plan to fix what they call the “hydro mess” left behind by the Liberals. They claim the plan would save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s called the “Fixing the Hydro Mess Act”. The legislation would bring an end to the previous administration’s hydro plan, upload local electricity conservation programs to the corporation that manages the system and overhaul the energy sector watchdog. The Liberals brought in their Fair Hydro Plan in 2017 to address a public outcry over soaring hydro rates, particularly in rural areas.

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Photo Credit: Lisa MacLeod via Twitter

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox