The Provincial Government Will Announce Sweeping Education Reforms Today

Today is the day the provincial government will lay out the plans for education reform in Ontario, including issues such as class sizes, sex education and teacher hiring. Union leaders say they have not yet been given any details, but they expect to see cuts to help address the multibillion-dollar provincial deficit. The government has been consulting since January on class sizes and teacher hiring practices, including asking whether hard caps on class sizes should continue. Today’s update is also expected to contain changes to the math curriculum, with Premier Doug Ford often talking of scrapping the “discovery math curriculum” and get back to basics.

Last week Premier Doug Ford spoke in Cambridge. He said, “We’re focusing on the students — we’re making sure the students get the best education they can.” “I can tell you — we are going back to the basics. We’re going to make sure our students understand math, reading, arithmetic … We need to put more training with our teachers, and focus on our students.” Provincial math tests show scores have been dropping in recent years.

Photo Credit: Lisa Thompson via Twitter

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox