The TSA Has Released Their Airport Security Top 10 Catches Of 2020

This week, the TSA published a list of its top 10 “good catches” of 2020, detailing some of the very dangerous and very weird prohibited items that its officers detected throughout the year.  “Our Officers are real-life superheroes, helping keeping passengers safe as travel,” the TSA noted in a Tuesday Twitter post that also featured a video clip describing each item, and where it was confiscated.

Among the top 10 things confiscated from travelers, TSA officers caught passengers carrying:

10 – Weapons including a slingshot

9 – A book containing concealed knives

8 – A bundle of roman candles

7 – A smoke grenade

6 – A dead baby shark, which was found floating in a chemical preservative deemed to be too dangerous for air travel

5 – A “homemade humidor for a traveler’s cigars” that resembled a bomb

4 – Concealed marijuana in a shampoo bottle

3 – A long-barreled gun hidden in the lining of a suitcase

2 – A suspicious electronic device which had the potential to inadvertently explode

And at #1 … The TSA credited 2020’s best “catch” to the two TSA canine handlers at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) “who caught each other” when they married in June.  “On June 25, 2020, two TSA handlers professed their fur-ever love for each other! How dog-gone cute is that?”

Photo Credit: Transportation Safety Agency via Twitter



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