The Union Is Vowing To Fight GM Over The Oshawa Plant Closure

The union representing workers at the GM assembly plant slated for closure in Oshawa is promising — quote – “one hell of a fight.” Unifor national president Jerry Dias spoke at a union hall packed with anxious GM workers and said the union will fight “tooth and nail” against the planned move. He also pointed out the Oshawa plant has won “every award” and is the best by “every matrix.”

GM announced yesterday no more product will be given to the 65-year-old facility, along with four in the US and three outside North America, as part of a global reorganization to transform its product line to focus on electric and autonomous vehicles. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford have vowed to do everything possible to help laid-off auto employees and their families. Federal and provincial leaders alike concede General Motors won’t be convinced to keep that plant open.

Photo Credit: Jerry Dias via Twitter

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox